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Upcoming Release: Aden Learns About God

“Aden Learns About God” is a vibrant tale set on a lively beach, where the young protagonist, Aden, discovers a compass. Each direction he explores introduces him to new friends—a seasoned sea captain, a caring lifeguard, and a joyful dolphin. These characters are more than meets the eye; they embody lessons of faith, hope, and divine joy.

The vision for “Aden Learns About God” embraces the beauty of our diverse world with its many cultures – I am a missionary after all! We’re creating versions of this book to reflect children of various ethnicities—White, Black, Latino, Asian—each with both a boy and girl protagonist. It’s about offering a mirror so that every young reader can see themselves in Aden’s story, fostering a connection that affirms their identity and place in God’s world. This approach ensures inclusivity, allowing children to find a character that not only looks like them but also shares in their journey of faith and discovery. 

You can help by giving your input on names and stories that celebrate our global family as well as photographs of children who might become the faces of our characters. Your support will also help us deliver this book to children in need, spreading the message of God’s love far and wide.

Join us in nurturing young hearts with tales of adventure and faith. Together, we can ensure “Aden Learns About God” reaches into homes and lives, offering every child a story where they can see themselves as part of God’s great narrative.


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